Infographic sketch

In the image underneath I have realized a sketched CV  built of my professional life along with information about my Education, Personal Projects, Skills and Competences, Languages, The things I am proud of and the Interests I have.


Minimalistic style

Firstly, I have adopted a minimalistic style for the CV because it offers the reader a clean and clear image of the CV and information. The minimalistic style is represented through the font, icons and colors, which will be added later on.

2 parts

I have decided to vertically split the CV in two: on the left is the timeline of my professional evolution. and on the right I have described myself in a more creative way using infographics and some icons. The reason why I have  done this is because I am a combination of both creative and analytical person, and as you can observe I put the Experience near the Skills on top, because I consider those are the main things the employer should focus on when reading my CV, and afterwards the personal details will be added in the bottom of the CV.

Skills and Competences

I have obtained to combine both hard skills with soft skills because I consider both are very important for an employer. Here I have created a hierarchy, using a bigger size for the skills I am better at, and smaller size for the ones in process of getting better.

Why “Proud of”?

The reason why I have chosen to insert this field is because these are some of the things that helped me become the person I am today and always motivates me. The Lion which you can see it on the top, is created in a minimalistic style and is the metafor I have used because it represents courage. Why courage? because courage always helps me, keeps me motivated and makes me achieve every goal that I have.

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