Sketch triathlon

  1. Alternative Conservatives

Taking in consideration the beliefs the conservatives and the values that they have, I have designed a concept made for people who are not accepting the idea of the abortion and birth control pills.

I have thought of creating this concept especially for kids that have DOWN syndrome and other genetic disorders, people having the option of having a painless and innovative abortion even if they are conservative.

How does it work?

If there is a person who is not accepting the idea of having an abortion, then this device which has the shape of a pregnancy test, will use lasers(the red lines on the left) which will transfer the abortion (the green ellipse) into a device, robot.

The abortion will arrive at the “heart” of the robot and the person which made the abortion will have to take care of the gadget as if it would be a child.

My Baby

2. Manga style.

Being inspired by how Laerdal was implemented, I have created a gadget that will help people from drowning, being saved in a very short period of time.

I had to design a concept in manga style. I have taken the style’s features and especially the eyes, which will function as web cameras, one of the important parts of the gadget.

How does it work?

The red dots will work as lights, in order the person (a life guard) behind watching through the eyes of the fish can see in the water. The yellow rectangular will function as a GPS.

The fish will be swimming all the time under the sea, and if it sees a person drowning it will send signs to the other fish-gadgets under the sea. When they gather around the person, before the lifeguard to arrive, they will rise the person on the surface.Manga Saver

3. Climbing on mountains on the moon

Considering both the conditions that staying on the moon offers us and the effort and need while climbing a mountain, I have designed a useful aND important tool for the adventure lovers.

This gadget will be a flying first aid kit. But why is it different ?

It offers first of all the astronauts the opportunity to drink, eat and sleep by forming a tube (2.1), which will be inside the kit, and the astronauts woil not need to return at the space ship.

Secondly inside the kit will exist a special glue which will be used in case the helmets or the costume of the astronauts will be damaged.


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