Video Journalism

Our last theme was as interesting and challenging as the other ones.

We had to produce 2 minor video productions. First we have learned which are the most important aspects when we have to film (for example: the sound and lightning), about the five shots, we were shown examples of different interviews, and also how to edit a video with an app and how to work with Premiere Pro.  For the first video production we have created a reportage using mobile phone.

We had to make an interview and this is the result: click here to watch the interview!

The second production was part of a studio production for broadcast on local television (Christiania Tv).

We were introduced to concept development using video, dramaturgy, journalistic reportage, film language and media elements and recording and editing techniques.

I was in the studio group and we had to put all the videos together, to create and film the speech of the presenter and to make the animation from the introduction.

And here is the result: click here!

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