Simple and interactive animation

Description of the project: 

For this assignments we had to use for the first time Javascript.

For the simple one (click here to see it !)  the assignment consisted of three pages linked together with a menu system.

For the first one I had to make a transition on it, so it runs when the graphic is hovered with the mouse.

For the second one I had to find a sprite sheet image online, from a tutorial and animate it using CSS.

For the third one I had to use CSS & JavaScript to create a short sequence of animations.

The interactive animation ( click here to watch it !) needed to be a scene from a movie and written down as a storyboard.

I had to use div boxes of different sizes and colours instead of the characters and backgrounds while coding the scene. The interactive story had to consist of at least 4 clicks that bring the story forward and sound should have been included in the scene.

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